Projects Completed 2002

  • Charitable Trust established “New Zealand Children’s Health & Education Trust”
  • 2002 Rural Vision Eye Trust prescreening, transport of patients, eye surgery Port Vila Hospital under John Szetu of Fred Hollows Foundation.
  • Building completed Fire Mountain Medical Clinic, Ranon Village, Ambrym Island
  • Re opening abandoned Aulua Medical Clinic, Banam Bay, Malekula.
  • Building Maskelyne Islands Medical Clinic, Sakau Island in conjunction with NZ AID (New Zealand Government High Commission)
  • 2 month Mobile Roving Specialist Medical Team involving 6 US based specialists traveling through the island of Vanuatu providing specialist care.
  • Operation of 2, 70 tonne island schooners for cargo and accommodation vessels chartered to transport medical equipment, building materials, personnel, patients and doctors around remote communities.
  • Laying 2 heavy duty moorings for supply craft Maskelynes and Malekula. Commenced Training and education of 11 aspiring medical practitioners in Maskelyne Islands.