Projects Completed 2008

  • Received funding from NZAID KOHA PICD to build soap factory in the village of Peskarus on Uleveu Island South East Malakula.
  • While in Vila we meet up with Palm Project and researched the possibility of selling the soap and other products to hotels and resorts, we meet with favorable comments and possibilities of contracts. Most hotels and resorts wanted the whole range Soap, shampoo, conditioner and body cream.
  • Acquired building materials from Vila and chartered a boat to transport the supplies to the Uluveu.
  • On arrival we held many public meetings to confirm plans for the building of soap factory. Community meetings were held to discuss the operations and organisation of the soap factory, who would build it, who would manage it and how the proceeds would be handled. The whole village supported the initiative and they offered their help.
  • Young men from the RTC (rural training college) were employed to build the soap factory while others were employed as laborers, twelve in total. They worked under the guidance of Marcus Taylor and with in three weeks the Palm Project had a base for their soap production.