Projects Completed 2007

  • Reopen Spirit Sailing & Navigation school with 6 new students completed the sailing syllabus and graduate.
  • Built 28ft Wharram design catamaran “Lanisif” with the local boat builders for use by the people of the South East Malakula for transport, medical emergencies and trade.
  • Coconut soap making workshop with NZ soap maker, to educate the local women in the art of coconut soap making, to assist with the health and hygiene of the whole community.
  • Formed the community collective “Palm Project”- initiated by the women of South East Malakula as a means of working together to turn the coconut soap into an industry and eventually an independent economic enterprise, specifically assisting the women by buying their coconut oil..
  • Midwife Training seminar with Julie Holden – Midwife/Educator from NZ. Julie held two all day workshops attended by seventy five custom midwives.
  • Facilitatored surgeries and clinics with doctors, dentists and nurses in all villages of the Sakau,Uluveu and Avokh
  • Reopen, resupply, clean and maintain the clinic on Sakau and carry on the training of local aid post workers.
  • Administer scabies and lice treatment to all villages in South East Malakula.