Projects Completed 2004

  • Institute public appeal for cyclone Ivy Relief Fund, gather and distribute 20 tonnes of donated goods, food and medicines to the devastated areas.
  • Commence second five year Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Ministry of Health Vanuatu. Complete the first exploratory health status expedition of the Torba Province, including Torres Islands and West Coast of Espiritu Santo with seven doctors from England, Australia and New Zealand lead by Dr John MacIntosh an experienced well known outback practitioner, using two 70 tonne schooners and several yachts, reporting to the Government of Vanuatu on dire health status of two previously unknown villages in the West Coast of Espiritu Santo, containing seven hundreds people with tuberculosis, malaria, filiriasis and pneumonia at epidemic levels.
  • Continue with the Rural Vision Eye Trust project, in conjunction with Fred Hollows Foundation. Transporting 70 elderly cataract eye patients from their villages to Port Vila hospital, then transporting them back to their respective villages with on board nurses supplying after surgery care.
  • Design and build accommodation for medical practitioners and trainees (visiting and local) at 4 local medical aid posts Ambrym, Banam Bay, Sakau and Sangali.
  • Deliver doctors and nurses to Sakau Clinic for general health clinics and Aid Post worker training. Meet with Council of Chiefs to discuss the implementation of health plan initiative for Maskelynes area.
  • Distribute 80 tonnes of medical supplies and healthcare equipment donated by Project MARC (medical assistance to remote communities) and its affiliates.